Medieval Age Axe

Introduction: Medieval Age Axe

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I've rebuilt the handle of my medieval like axe. This time I've used wood having a wolf figure and some paintings on it.

Step 1:

First, I’ve taken out the old plastic handle and cleaned the surface. Then measured the space between the endpoint of the axe and the handle. Cut two pieces of wood with a wolf figure for the handle.

Step 2:

I’ve attached the wood pieces to the metal handle with epoxy one by one. After first piece has been attached, I’ve drilled holes on that piece from the metal side for pins. Then I’ve done the same thing for the other piece after it has been attached. I’ve placed the pins then applied some plaster on the wooden handle to fix minor roughness.

Step 3:

Time to paint. I needed to mask for the axe. I’ve painted the background with wood protector which has the color of mahogany tree. Then I’ve masked the handle gradually. I’ve painted three lines and the wolf figure with gray color.

Step 4: Final

I’ve taken out the masking tapes and voila!

P.S: The surface isn’t perfect because I’ve made some mistakes during the painting process. Firstly, I’ve changed the background color two times (black to mahogany). Secondly, wood protectors were actually oil-paints but the varnish was acrylic so they didn’t match well and the varnish damaged some points on the surface. Anyway, after all I’m happy with the result :)

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