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Introduction: Milk Bottle Flower

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What inspired me?

Well, with most of my projects, I just find something lying around and use it for something. A flower. I know I know, simple right? But this is part of my '5 Minutes or DIY' collection and its meant to be a simple, easy project for all ages. So yeah this is my plastic milk bottle flower. Enjoy.

What will you need?

- Empty/ clean Milk bottle (plastic)

- Scissors

- Marker

- Ruler

Step 1: Cutting the Bottle

Step one - Cutting the Bottle

Cutting the bottle is can be quite dangerous due to the sharp, thin edges when cut. Cut the Bootle such that you are left with just a sheet of plastic..

When this is done, place it over an edge of a desk and run softly against it. This will ensure the plastic is straight and easier to mark and cut.

Step 2: Marking on the Petals

Step two - Marking on the petals

Grab your marker and draw a small petal shape in the centre, join another onto it slightly bigger. Draw another to the second slightly bigger and begin spiralling it round. Look at the pictures if you aren't sure.

As the number of petals increase, the size( area ) of the petal increases. The reason for attaching them is because if not, you would need to attach each petal together. This is much easier or more cost effective.

Step 3: Cutting the Petals

Step three - Cutting the petals

Anything to do with cutting using scissors is dangerous as it's so easy to injure yourself. If you feel as though you will cause an accident, wear some safely gloves or get someone else to do it.

Cut the basics out first using the scissors. This will make it a lot easier when cutting the main shape out. Remember not to cut each petal individually.

Step 4: Folding

Step four - Folding

Folding the petals is quite difficult so I would suggest you practice this beforehand. Begin to curl the small petal Into the second, complete this with the other petals. It will start looking more and more like a rose or flower the more you go on. Remember you can always go back. When the petals have been curled and folded, cut the bottom of the largest petal a bit (to gain a rectangle) and the bend that under and inside the hole in the centre. This will hold the flower together.

Step 5: The Stem

Step five - The stem

The stem can be made with off cuts or a fresh Bottle. If you're using a fresh bottle you have the advantage of making the step longer and can also create a couple of leaves if you wish. Remember to be careful at all stages.

Cut a long thin rectangle and then fold it in half as many times as possible. I only folded mine once as I only had a small off cut and couldn't make it any larger.

When this is done, bend the top like a hook. Only bend it a little and when you are happy with it, insert in to the hole by the top of the flower going down. This will then act like a stem as it hopefully gets stuck and stays in place.

Step 6: Finished


Well done, easy wasn't it? I guess this is a basic gate way into simple summer 5 minute DIY projects such as card making, and other basic upcycling projects.

Thank you much for reading and I really hope you liked this project. When the holidays are over I won't be able to complete projects as much but ill ensure the ones I do publish will be amazing! Please follow and favourite for more 5 minute summer DIY Projects!

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