Introduction: Milk Bottle - Food Container

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What inspired me?

Well, with most of my projects, I just find something lying around and use it for something. A container. I know I know, simple right? But this is part of my '5 Minutes or DIY' collection and its meant to be a simple, easy project for all ages. So yeah this is my plastic milk bottle container. Enjoy.

What will you need?

- An empty plastic milk bottle (keep the lid)

- Scissors

- Box knife

- Sharpie or marker pen

Step 1: Marking Out

Step one - Marking out

Marking out depends on the type and size of the plastic milk bottle you have as you can do this many different ways. This bottle in the photos is 4 pints I think so if you are from anywhere that isn't Britain you might have a slightly different sized container.

Begin by marking a dashed line around the entire lower part of the bottle about 4-5cm high. This ensures you have enough room for the contents.

Mark another line around about 12-13cm high on the front, left and right surface. This is because the back needs to be longer as it is used as a lid. Draw long curves in the shape of a half circle to the line on all three sides. Look at the picture if you are not sure.

On the back surface, mark a lime about 25/30cm high. Draw slow and steep curves to the lime so it looks like an elongated half circle. Feel free to use another straight forward shape such as a square.

Step 2: Cutting

Step two - Cutting

Use the box cutter to pierce the bottle. Use this to cut the shape out roughly. When its all cut, you can now neaten it up with the scissors. If the black pen marks are still showing, you can wash them off with a sponge and some warm water. But the pen should rub off.

Cut a slit on the front face 2cm from the bottom. Make it about 2cm wide and use a box cutter to do this. Make sure to go slow as it can't be any bigger then 2cm.

Fold the box down and mark onto the lid where the slit hits the surface of the lid. Cut this with the box cutter and make it about 2cm wide. Remember slowly.

Step 3: The Latch

Step three - The latch

Copy the template I drew before onto your lid. Feel free to skip this step and add a simple button instead or anything you can thing of.

The small end is 2.5cm wide and the wider one is 3cm wide. The rectangles and middle is 4mm thick.

Using scissors, slowly cut the shape out. Remember to go slow as if you go too fast you Increase the possibility of cutting straight through the shape. Remember to place this aside as I lost mine twice.

Step 4: Assembly and Folding

Step four - Assembly and folding

Insert the larger piece of the latch inside of the front part, using your fingers begin to bend it so it wont fall out.

Fold each piece inwards towards the centre. Fold the right first, then the left, the front then the larger piece. The larger piece will fall exactly where the latch is placed, Insert the latch and bend it. This will secure the container and hopefully it won't open.



Well done, easy wasn't it? I guess this is a basic gate way into simple summer 5 minute DIY projects such as card making, and other basic upcycling projects.

Thank you much for reading and I really hope you liked this project. When the holidays are over I wont be able to complete projects as much but ill ensure the ones I do publish will be amazing! Please follow and favourite for more 5 minute summer DIY Projects!

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