Minecraft Jeb Door

Introduction: Minecraft Jeb Door

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You are playing Minecraft. It is a PVP game, where you must be constantly on the alert. You come out of your mine, happy with all of the gold you found, when a wash of water hits you in the face. "What the..." you say. You swim through it into your house. You stare in awe. It has been ransacked. Everything has been taken or destroyed. "I need to make a new, hidden base" you say.......

The Minecraft Jeb Door is, if made properly, very hard to find. This instructable will teach you both the 2-block wide version, and the more compact 1-block wide version.

Step 1: Location Location Location

To build the door, we need a good place. A plains biome would not do as anyone would notice a lump in the ground. The best place would be a cliff.

Step 2: Sticky Pistons

Dig an 6x3x4 hole in the cliff. This hole is only barely large enough for you to build the door, so, if you want, dig the hole deeper. One block away from the entrance of the hole, place a 2x2 square of sticky pistons, which are facing toward the center of the hole. Follow the picture as a guide. Remember that the sticky pistons will face toward you. On the other side, do the same thing. On each set of pistons farther back, place two more sticky pistons facing the entrance. Cover the sticky sides with stone, or the block that blends with the cliff. Follow the images as a guide.

Step 3: Redstone

Now place blocks on top of the pistons and above the space in between them. Place redstone dust on the blocks above the opening and on the blocks above the pistons on the wall of the hole. On the blocks above the pistons which face the entrance of the hole, place redstone repeaters which face to the walls. Set the repeaters to the second tick by right-clicking on them. Place a lever on the blocks above the space between the pistons and right-click on it to test the door. The pistons should push the stone blocks to the entrance of the hole. Right-click the lever again to turn it off. The pistons should pull the stone blocks to their previous positions. Now cover up the front of the hole only, except for the place in front of the space between the pistons.

Step 4: Creating the Secret Entrance

Disguise the terrain near the opening to make it look more natural. Then close the Jeb door by turning on the lever. The door should fill up the hole, and then it should look as if no one had ever been here. Turn the lever off to open the door again. If you are in the Mountains biome, then andesite will look normal on the ground or cliffs. Andesite also drops andesite when broken, so this is what we will use to cover the entrance lever.

Break an andesite block near the door, and then break the block behind it. Place a lever on the top of the block behind of the first block you broke. Follow the pictures as a guide. Go back into the door mechanical area. Place redstone leading into the wall. Then dig into the wall and find the lever in the hole. Place redstone leading up to the lever. When you click the lever, the door should close, and when you click it again, it should open. Now you can break the lever above the passageway.

Step 5: Inside Lever Access

You will need to be able to close the door from the inside. So in the wall of the passageway behind the Jeb door, build a tunnel toward the lever. When you need to close the door from the inside, go down this passageway toward the lever and use it to close the door.

Step 6: Using the Door

You must remember the andesite block behind which the lever for the door is.

Break the block to reveal the lever. Activate the lever to open the door. Replace the andesite block. Then quickly go inside and down the passage toward the lever. Click the lever to close the door.

Step 7: The Compact Version

The compact version is basically the same as the 2-block version, except it uses only one set of sticky pistons. You still must set the repeater to the second tick. And the secret lever concept is the same. Use the pictures as a guide.

You can click on the pictures to magnify them, and on each picture is a short description of the process.

Step 8: Finish!

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    Question 2 months ago

    just a question, what version was this? I tried to make this, and I did the steps correctly. the main problem I am having is when the four pistons push the 2 pistons and the blocks thats ok. the problem is when the two pistons are pushing the two blocks and the bottom doesn't activate


    Answer 27 days ago

    1.12.2 is the version. I have just updated the instructable to be clearer. Please check it out.


    Question 3 months ago

    can i have a try?


    Answer 27 days ago

    Yes! Go make one.