Introduction: Minecraft Mithril's Make: Lancaster

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An unexpected Minecraft build today: earlier on yesterday, I looked up some of my older builds, and I read a quite old comment from a fellow instructable reader requesting a step by step guide of creating the Lancaster from my 70th anniversary build this June :) here it is!

Step 1: Recipe:

Brown wool
Green wool (dark)
Glass pane
Black wool
Purple stairs

Step 2: Foundation

This is only used for deciding how high you want the aircraft to be. About 20-30 seems high enough.

Then place 2 black wool on one side, and one black wool on the other side.

Step 3: Length

Then place enough black wool to make the length 35 in total.

Then 4 purple stairs horizontally, with 2 stairs on the front. This will be the front of the ship as you've probably realised :P

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:

Step 10:

Step 11: Interior

For canopy section, place THIN bricks, and for the chair, place 2 on top of each other and balance a fence post, it will float!

Place chair and control "furnace" on the fence posts.

Step 12:

Step 13:

For back wings, place 10 blocks, with 5 high for back fins. With one block on top for a final touch.

Step 14: Wings

For the wings, 18 green bricks exactly in length, 9 thick at first, then 8 and finally 7 in width. with 5 green bricks right at the edge of each wing.

Step 15: Repetition

Repeat process on bottom of wings aswell as top. 3 blocks width for each engine, length as long as width of wing.

Step 16:

Step 17: Finished!

Well there you go. Apologies for no text. That was planned but my device has been very faulty and has been glitching, an another apology if there are any impurities in this 'ible :P