Minecraft PE IOS Modding

Introduction: Minecraft PE IOS Modding


This is a tutorial on making your own "mods" for the mobile version of minecraft for apple devices.


Jailbroken iDevice

Theos (Good tutorial here.)

IDA Demo (Link)

Mobile Terminal (Search on Cydia)

Decrypted Version of MC:PE (Note: I do not encourage piracy, DO NOT distribute the file you get from this process, if you do I am not responsible.)

Clutch (Link) (.deb) (DO NOT USE FOR PIRACY)

WinSCP or CyberDuck

IP Address of your iDevice

This Program (Win Only); I have a template downloadable for Mac and Linux in a later step.


It would help to have a bit technological skill.

Basic C/C++ Knowledge

If you have any problems leave a comment and I will try to help.

Step 1: Decrypting the Binary

Open Mobile Terminal

After opening Mobile Terminal enter the following commands:

su (password is alpine (Unless you changed it))

Clutch minecraftpe (must be Clutch not clutch)

(Note: I do not encourage piracy, DO NOT distribute the file you get from this process, if you do I am not responsible.

Exit Mobile Terminal and go to IPA Installer

Navigate to /var/mobile/documents/cracked/

Press on Minecraft PE

Wait for it to install and then go to the next step.

Step 2: Copy Binary to Computer

Open WinSCP or CyberDuck.

If you have dropbox enabled in iFile, you can copy the binary to that, it's how I transfer files back and forth without SFTP.

I will be using WinSCP.

Host name: Your devices ip address (Found by going to Settings>Wi-Fi>i button by your SSID

User name: root

Password: alpine (Unless you changed it)

Go to /var/mobile/Applications (iOS 1-7) or /var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Applications

Open each folder and look for minecraftpe.app; once found go into the folder and copy minecraftpe (no extention) to your computer (If you want enable application names in iFile and either copy the minecraftpe file inside of minecraftpe.app to /var/mobile and then follow these steps)

Mine is at /var/mobile/Applications/3E037D75-819A-4DEE-BC03-C1F5F8FBDE57 but your's will be different.

For an easier time copy the file to your desktop.

Step 3: Open the File in IDA

Open IDA Demo

Press New

Then select minecraftpe from your Desktop or from wherever you put the file.

Press on the drop down box that says MetaPC and then select ARM little-endian and then press Set

Click on ARMv7 then press OK.

Press Yes if it says "Objective-C 2.0 structures have been detected." Press Yes, and then OK.

Wait for it to load some things, for about a minute.

Step 4: Find a Function

Look through the functions on the left and find a (int) or (float) (You can test with a few voids but it could have bad outcomes.)

I am going to use LocalPlayer::causeFallDamage(float)

What we need is __ZN11LocalPlayer15causeFallDamageEf and will look somewhat like your function you chose.

This will be located in about the same place in the image after you click on the function in the side bar.

Highlight and copy that.

Step 5: Making the Mod



Open the program you downloaded: MSHook EZ Writer GUI.

Where is says Symbolic Function paste what you copied.

Then select Int, Float, or Bool depending on the function you chose.

Then put the value you think would work. For fall damage we will use 0 so the player receives no damage.

Press Add, click in the text field that starts as #include then CTRL-A then CTRL-C


Download this file.

Fill in the places where it says "*your return here*" with "int, bool, or float"

Same with function and value.

Function is the symbolic function we copied. (__ZN11LocalPlayer15causeFallDamageEf)


Make a new file named Tweak.xm

Paste the code from the template or program into the file.


Switch back to your device.

Go to mobile terminal.

Do not do su this will break the creation process.

Type $THEOS/bin/nic.pl if that doesn't work then type /var/theos/bin/nic.pl if neither of those work, then reinstall theos.

Type the number that corresponds to device/tweak then enter. (Mine says iphone/tweak)

Fill out all the forums, when it asks for the app bundle identifier type com.mojang.minecraftpe

Then complete the forms.


SFTP back into your device like you did when you copied the binary to your computer.

Go to /var/mobile/yourmodtitle

Copy Tweak.xm from your computer and overwrite the Tweak.xm in the directory.

Return to your iDevice.


Open mobile terminal

Type cd /var/mobile/yourmodtitle

Type make

Type make package install to install the mod for testing.

To do it without installing the mod:

Type make package

make package (install) will put a deb in /var/mobile/yourmodtitle that you can distribute. If you would like I can host your mods on my repo, just email me: repo@addie.us with a link to your deb and I will give you the link to the repo.

Enjoy and please vote!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I followed the direction exactly and it didnt work. no errors, I still get fall damage. any help?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for the extremely late reply, when you replaced *Your function here* did you keep the extra stars? Only the stars directly by your function here should be removed. For example *your return here** should be float* or *your function here*** should be __ZN11LocalPlayer15causeFallDamageEf**