Introduction: Minecraft Secret Door

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Step 1: The Hut

To start out you need to build a 3x4 hut like pic 1,2,3,4 then add a 2 block wide long on the left side make sure that it is just a wall then on the right make wall that makes the hut bigger follow pics 5,6,7

Step 2: The Tunnel

Now break two long in the left from inside like pics 8,9,10 then on the second block dig 5 down put a trap door over the hole like pic 11 fly if your on creative go over the hole and patch up the two high wall you broke so you are in one block space stop flying go in your hole and make a long tunnel once your done dig up and make another hut like step one this is great for multi player to hide and transport to another hut to prank him/ her post how it came out and have fun

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