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Introduction: Minecraft TNT Block

For any Minecraft fan these easy Perler blocks are fun to make and great looking as a decoration. For just laying around, for playing and building, or hiding something small in it or under it, the blocks can be used for lots of useful and useless things. :)

Step 1: Getting Ready

First things first, get some Perler beads. I bought mine on Amazon, you can get an assortment of colours or individual colour bags. Either way, you'll make it work somehow. Im not sure if they go by another name, but these beads melt when you iron them (covered by baking paper) which is important for making them hold. It's not just any bead you can use so make sure you find the right kind.

You'll need an iron and baking paper to melt the pearls together.

You'll need the peg board, mine is yellow, where you place the pearls.

Step 2: Arranging the Beads

Now, you'll need

Dark brown


See through beads

Light pink

Bright pink

Dark pink


You can easily replace the pinks with other reds, or the red with another pink as long as the colours match a little and seem like there is a gradient. I just found this selection best looking.

Arrange the beads in the pattern above, for the pinks it's a 5x4 square, five beads high of the same colour and four across of the various colours to create the gradient. I mixed it up once in a while to make it seem more real by adding a red to the pink row etc. The TNT section is one horizontal row of white and see through breads, then four horizontal rows that have the letters in them, and another horizontal row of white and see through. Here the see through and white mixture is completely at random so just throw it on there.

It's four blocks of the pink gradient across and two high with the white in the middle. The next step will show this more clearly.

Step 3: The Pattern

This image shows the pattern more clearly. However, it's all about creating a nice gradient.

You will need this same side four times so create the same pattern again four times and you're almost set.

The yellow pegboards are where you make the pattern so if it's full go iron the perls and let them cool. Iron them with a sheet of baking paper in between or you'll ruin your iron. You can see how melted the beads are through this paper and you can also make sure you melt the beads equally. They need to hold together well since you're making a box.

What you can't see very clearly is that I created the edge pattern of each square differently.manticipating that it would be hard to hold together and iron the edges, I removed some of them in order to create this pattern that would seem like interlocking fingers. Hard to explain, easier to just look at the image to be honest. That way you can see how the beads lock in place and

Step 4: The Top or Bottom of the Box

creating the top or the bottom of the box is exactly the same pattern, except without the TNT section. Meaning, four blocks of pink horizontally and three blocks high. Here you can make one or two, I made one so the bottom of the box is open and i can hide stuff under it.

Step 5: Creating the Box

At this point you've ironed all the individual walls, five or six of them. You may have to flatten them out a little by placing them under some heavy things for a while. Mine bent a little from the belting process and I put books on them for an hour and they were flat again.

Now click in place two of the walls, make sure the TNT is right side up and you use the melted side consistently to the inside or the outside of the box you're creating. Doesn't really matter if inside or out, just consistency matters. Holding it in place, and the baking paper is ready too, melt the edge of the block carefully. This is very finicky which is why I don't have pictures of it. It took a lot of patience and fine work. Some edges were hard to get nice so I had to redo them a few times but eventually it worked out.

Wait for it to cool completely before adding the next wall or it may all fall part. When you have all walls you can iron on the roof and or the bottom one which are easier.

Tada! Your TNT Minecraft block is complete!

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