Minecraft Pe Small Medieval House

Introduction: Minecraft Pe Small Medieval House

Do you want an epic medieval house?!? Well, this is the house for you. It is a simple and easy house to make and you don't need that much resources.

Step 1: The Main Base

Place down 8 spruce trunks 2 blocks apart and 3 blocks apart. The fill in the gaps with stone bricks. After Connect the spruce trunks.

Step 2: Walls and Windows

Fill in the walls with cobblestone then make holes in the walls to put the doors and windows. After put big windows at the top.

Step 3: The Roof

Follow as instructed in images.

(Sorry, I couldn't put in all the instructions to this step.)

Step 4: Floor and Furniture

Put dark oak plank where the doors are then fill the middle of the floor with dark oak planks. After, place brown stained clay around the wood. For the kitchen, place a stonecutter, furnace, mine cart for the sink and a crafting table. Place fences that are 2 blocks high then put chest at the top for cabinets. For the table, place 2 dark oak stairs for the chairs and place a fence in the middle the a carpet on top. Place bookshelves above the table then place cobblestone walls as in the picture. Then for the painting, place 2 upside down dark oak stairs and 2 on top then place a painting in the middle.

Step 5: Upstairs

Place spruce logs across the room then add ladders. Fill the floor with dark oak slabs and add a bed and bookshelves. Put fences beside the bookshelves and add stairs.

Step 6: Outside Decorations

Add dark oak stairs at the corners. Add plants near the windows and add grass. Add vines and cobwebs on the walls. Add oak fences at the corners beside the stairs. ( Sorry, I couldn't add a picture with the fences)

Step 7: Finish!!!

I hope you liked this tutorial and it would be awesome if you could like and follow me!


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7 years ago

Thanks for sharing! I added it to one of my worlds, it's all about houses, and I usually make/do/create mcpe house tutorials in that world...


7 years ago

Thanks for sharing your idea, I'm adding this to my village, Thank you for sharing your Idea :D


7 years ago

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