Minecraft Treehouse for a Family to Live In

Introduction: Minecraft Treehouse for a Family to Live In

This treehouse is great to live in, it has two bedrooms,a bathroom and a dining room.

Step 1: Create the Base

First cut away and add leaf blocks so that you have a 10 blocks by 10 blocks square. Then, build the base by putting the dark wooden blocks around the edges as shown. Next, you fill the outline in to create a finished base.

Step 2: Building the Walls

Around the outline of your base, build a one block high wall.

Step 3: Making the Rooms

Make a hole in the wall for the doorway, and when you come in, left, make a bathroom outline that is 5 blocks by 5 blocks. Then, for the dining room,make the outline 6 blocks along and 4 across when you come in on your right. Divide the rest of the space into two bedrooms.

Step 4: Furnishing the Treehouse

For the bathroom, make the doorway in the middle of the three blocks and up against the wall make the sink using the pictures. The sink is the orange wood thing which is shown in three pictures,each at a different stage.Then, in a corner high up put the trapdoor as the shower. Place the door. In the dining room,place four dark wooden blocks next to each other against the wall. Put a dark wooden slab on each of the blocks Next to the slabs on blocks, put four birch logs next to each other as shown. Create the doorway and place the door. In the bedrooms , put a few pictures, bookshelves,chests, torches and two beds in each room. Build up the walls to altogether 4 blocks high.

Step 5: Putting the Roof On

Do as the pictures say, first put a line of brick steps all around the outside of the treehouse. Fill in the big gap with brick blocks.Further inwards do that again and again until you get a pointy top.

Step 6: Putting Windows In

Destroy the blocks you need to and put the windows in as shown.

Step 7: Making the Platform and the Way Up and Down

Make the platform 4 dark wooden blocks wide just underneath the door. From the middle downwards put more dark wooden blocks but in a vertical line as shown until it reaches the ground. Along those blocks put a ladder.

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    it looks amazing