Introduction: Mini Air-Drying Clay Thingy

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I don't quite know how to describe this, since I kinda improvised when I realised that my original idea (a clay spice jar) was not going to work out. This is a basic clay idea. All I know is that, as I was shaping the clay, it started looking more and more like a tree trunk with a tyre around it and some grass and flowers at the top.... Name it as you like.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Depending on what exactly you want to make, tools and materials will differ. Though you'll probably end up using random things that come to mind. To give you a basic idea of what you'll need, I used:
Air-Drying clay
Something to make patterns with
A salt shaker to shape the clay with
Paint and a paintbrush
Craft sticks
Glue and tape
Warm water

All of the above can be purchased at a stationery store. The sticks can also be found in the garden.

Step 2:

Roll the clay in warm water until it is soft and your hands are starting to look like those of a stone sculpture.

Flatten it out to an appropriate thickness on a flat surface.

Shape the clay around something cylindrical to measure how much to use.

Take it off before it starts to dry and stick. (Note: clay dries rather fast in the midday sun)

Join the two ends of the clay by spreading it softly with water. Do the same with any unwanted cracks that appear.

Step 3: Add a Few Details

I used a bit more clay, flattened it out, and pressed a double chain into it a few times until it looked like a tyre. I then wrapped that around the cylinder-like piece.

Cut out the lid using scissors or a cookie cutter. Stamp it with something. (I used a weird plastic thing that had a rose pattern, which I found in a drawer)

The base I did roughly so that it would look like the base of a tree- by then I had decided that it didn't matter what it was that I was making.

Step 4: Paint and Finish

Painting was pretty difficult since it had to be done on the inside and outside. Not to mention every little crevice. Luckily acrylic paint dries fast.

Once that was done I stuck together the craft sticks with double-sided tape to form a small raft and stuck the entire thing together with glue and much effort.

There you go, a little desk ornament for toothpicks or used teaspoons and pens, or whatever you'd like it to be.

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