Mini Arcade Cabinet Aka Multi-utility Box

Introduction: Mini Arcade Cabinet Aka Multi-utility Box

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Do you want an awesome box that reminded of the nostalgia days of the video game arcades?

Also, it can functioned as a note pad or a tissue box or a phone holder...

And I'm sure it'll be the talk of the town.

Step 1: The Items

I listed down the items needed

5 pieces of (14.5 cm X 22.2 cm X 0.5 cm) plywood - prepared cut

4 pieces of (1.0 cm X 1.0 cm) wood - cut in 14.5 cm long

4 pieces of (1.0 cm X 1.0 cm) wood - cut in 1.0 cm long (look like a cube)

Multi-utility Items

1 bottle of super glue (or wood adhesive)

1 toilet paper tube holder

2 spacer (1 cm diameter hole)

1 screw driver

2 screws

1 note papers

1 tissue paper

1 roll of toilet paper

Printer stickers for decoration

Tools (e.g. cutting, saw, driller, screw driver etc) - anything that's get the job done.

Step 2: The Two Side of the Cabinet

Cuts 2 pieces of (14.5 cm X 22.2 cm ) plywood into the shape of the side of arcade cabinet.

The measurements are shown (Image 1).

Then, label the two side pieces with the left piece is Label [ I ] and the right piece is Label [ III ].

Takes a piece of (14.5 cm X 22.2 cm ) plywood, and label with Label [ II ].

Step 3: The Other Sides

Takes other 2 pieces of (14.5 cm X 22.2 cm ) plywood, and cuts into 5 smaller pieces.

Piece A : 4.0 cm height

Piece B : 12.0 cm height

Piece C : 5.0 cm height

Piece D : 11.0 cm height

Piece E : 10.5 cm height

Step 4: The Supporting Frame

Still remember the 1.0 cm X 1.0 cm wood with 14.5cm long?

Label its as 'a', 'b', 'c', and 'd'.

The two small cubes?

Label its as 'e' and 'f'.

Step 5: The Assembly Plan

Observe the plan, look at the labels that indicate where the components should be placed.

Step 6: The Back Side

To make the back side of the cabinet, I prepared item 'd', 'E', and 'II'. I attached item 'd' on the left side of item 'E', and then, I combined both items with item 'II'.

Step 7: The Door

For the door, I need item 'C', 'b', 'D', and 'c'. I glued item 'b', and 'c' to the left and the right side of the 'D'. Then, I attached item 'C' to the component. Now, I have a door.

Step 8: The Stopper and the Holder

Let's prepare item 'I', 'III', 'e', 'f', and two spacers for the sides of the cabinet. I glued item 'e', 'f', and two spacers on the sides according to the plan. The spacers will act as a bracket for the toilet paper holder.

Step 9: The Assemble

I glued item 'I', 'II', and 'III'. Next, I screwed item 'D' on the edge of both sides.

Step 10: The Monitor

For the monitor, I glued item 'a' and put at the center of item 'B'.

Step 11: Just a Few Steps More...

Now, there are only part 'A', 'B', and partial assembled box. I glued item 'B' and put it inside. This will become the 'monitor'. Next, I glued item 'A', and placed it in front. It will become the sign board.

I printed out the labels on a sticker paper and cut it out. I put the labels at the appropriate places.

Step 12: The Tissue Box

To become a tissue box, I inserted a box of tissue paper inside the cabinet's cavity. I pulled a tissue out and closed the door. The cabinet aka tissue box can be put at any place. My choice was inside my car.

Step 13: The Note Pad

Another variation was to replace the tissue paper with a note pad. Then, I hanged it like a fridge magnet. Also, I can put it on my office table.

Step 14: When Nature Call, You Won't Miss a Call...

When I replaced with a roll of toilet paper, it has become a toilet paper holder. When nature call, I now can bring along my phone just in case...

Step 15:

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    6 years ago

    I like the toilet paper holder idea. :)

    Thanks for this :)


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks for commenting.


    6 years ago

    Maybe the game "Paperboy" would have been a better choice ;)


    Reply 6 years ago

    Yea, you hit the spot :D