Introduction: Mini Bottled Origami Stars Pendant (Rainbow Colors)

This is my 1st Instructable! Yeeey!

Origami stars in a bottle is not really a very uniqe idea, however making one could be challenging for some. You need patience especially if its your 1st time, and especially if it's just 3-4mm tall! What makes this unique is its size, because it will be made as a necklace pendant.

In this instructable ill teach you tips and tricks in making these tiny adorable cute origami stars in rainbow colors the easy way. you'll be surprised on how easy to make this cute n adorable pendant, anyone can make this with just very basic tools and materials. I hope you will like them.


I was surprised on the views after a day, even though i haven't finished the instructable entirely, i made this instructable for the purpose of joining the necklace challenge, i you like this please vote for me. :D

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  1. Colored papers - mine is just 6 colors, you could add more colors if you'd like. (available in most office supplies and craft shops)
  2. Mini bottle of your choice - It can have cork or plastic cap, and also not to big for a pendant. :D (available in craft shops, I've seen some in home decor shops)
  3. Leather chord - about a yard is enough. (it is sold by yard in our place) (Very common in craft shops)
  4. Optional Materials - not so important stuffs. There is a more creative option in finishing the necklace even without this materials. (Very common craft shops)
    • Lobster clasp crab claw
    • Spring coil crimp
    • Pendant bail
    • Double jump rings (*update! single jump rings is better, and much easier to use)
    • Screw pin - if you have a cork cap bottle.


  1. Long-nose pliers
  2. Scissors
  3. Cutter
  4. Ruller
  5. Small wooden stick
  6. Small Tweezer

Every good success comes from good planning.

Step 2: The Plan

Making rainbow pattern bottled origami stars is as easy as making bunch of origami stars and place them all inside your bottle in a colorful order. In its super mini version, you'd end up having trouble with the space for the origami stars. therefore we need to plan well to make our bottled origami stars neat and perfect!

  1. 1st - we should measure the length of the bottle where the origami stars would settle. (mine is 25mm) Then lets divide the spaces in the bottle to the number of color we would like to put. (i have 6 colors, so 4mm each section would be fine)
  2. If we already know the space between each section we should attempt to make an origami stars in that size. (for me i need to make an origami stars of 4mm in height)
  3. Every origami stars starts in a paper strip, so in order for me to make a 4mm origami stars, i should cut paper strips about 3mm. (the with of the paper strips should be slightly smaller than that the target size of the origami stars)
  4. the length of the paper strips should be at least 25 times than its with, so for my 3mm with paper strip. 75mm sould be enough, with this my origami stars would not be too fragile, nor too bulky to be folded.

Next step is cutting the paper strips.

Step 3: Cutting the Right Paper Strip

WARNING! : please be careful in using the cutter.

Press down the ruler firmly and gently cut the paper along side the ruler. its easier if you have a transparent ruler so you can know if your cutting a straight fine paper strip. also the lines on the ruler makes good guide is cutting the paper strips.

Step 4: Folding the Stars, START BIG!

WARNING! - folding paper stars this small will be very frustrating, especially for those 1st timers. i advice to start with a bigger paper strip 1st. about 10mm in with, than gradually make it smaller as you are getting familiar in making origami stars.

you may refer Here for the instructions in making origami lucky stars.

or see my step by step picture instructions.

If you succeeded in making your 1st origami star, it will be easier for you to make another one! and smaller!

Practice and start making the right size origami stars that you need.

Step 5: Make the Origami Star Layers

Make several origami stars and fill your 1st layer, arrange then properly using a small stick.

Make them all neat and well arrange, if there are arranged properly, you could place more stars in your bottle and it will look more attractive! :D + it will be more stable inside and will preserve your layers if they are compressed.

figure out on how much stars you need per layer and make all the origami stars for all layers.

Cover your bottle once full.

if your using bottle with cork cap, screw your screw pin on top.

Step 6: Add the Leather Chord

There are several ways on attaching the leather chord, a lot of options is already available on the internet so I wont cover it in this instructable.

If you are using a Bail for the pendant, don't forget to insert the bail 1st to your cord.

Step 7: Finishing Touches! (Improvements)

I Noticed that using the double ring to attach the pendant to the bail is quite difficult,so i used a single ring instead, xD

Also, the white plastic cap of my mini bottle doesn't complement well to my black chord, i have heat shrink tubes that can tightly wrap the plastic cap, so i used it to change the color of my plastic cap.

Step 8: Enjoy! and Please Share What You Make! :D

Congratulations if you finished your origami stars bottle!

since you already know how to make origami stars in diffrent size, try experimenting on mixing several colors and sizes of origami stars. you'll sometimes surprise your self with your awesome combination.

if you have lots of charms, you can place them on your bottles, add more design on your bottles which suits your style!

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