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Introduction: Mini Fan From PC Part

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I have Fan from PC power supply. so what can I do adding laptop power supply I can make a Fan for may desk.

Step 1: Tool and Part


1. Fan from PC power supply. It may vary about the size but it most of them need 12 V dc. Including the grill protector.

2. Power supply from laptop. I buy a power supply for my laptop/note book but the quality is no so good so I never use it. this produce 19 V dc, it over from fan power supply but it work. I so take the risk.

3. CD case.

4. zip tie


1. Glue

2. Utility knife

3. Soldering Iron

4. Double sided tape



Step 2: Assamble

1. Make a hole in CD case

2. Glue base of fan to laptop power supply using glue and double side tape.

3. Connect power supply laptop and van . place a switch between them using soldering iron .

4. Place grill and CD case in back o of fan for wind shield and protection

Step 3: Finish

Test It.

power supply produce 19 V dc , use it with your own risk. it preferable to use voltage regulator like LM 7812 but. it still work i don't know why and how long this fan will stand.


Step 4: Future

the possibilities, if i put some kind bag it can be a dust collector?

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    6 years ago

    the cd case is a great idea!