Mini Food Setup for Dollhouse

Introduction: Mini Food Setup for Dollhouse

I was interested in doing this instructable because I enjoy making dollhouse setups and scenes but I needed food and this was the perfect opportunity to get myself motivated.

There are multiple different types of tiny food but the steps are quite similar so I will be showing how to make the play dough that is needed for this project: a pie and a stack of pancakes!

Now I will show you how to make the play dough.


-1cup salt -2cups boiling water-toothpicks-a clean surface

-4 tbsp cream of tartar -food dye (optional)-a box with a flat bottom

-2c flour-2tbsp oil-a rolling pin

Step 1: Making Play Dough

The first thing you need to do is make play dough. I like to make one batch and then separate it into smaller portions to add different colours

Start by adding all of the ingredients except the food colouring and boiling water. After you mix the dry ingredients and olive oil together, add the boiling water and mix. You may need to mix with your hands after it cools down a bit. Make sure the water is boiling and not just hot because it makes it easier to mix. After it is well mixed, you can separate the play dough evenly into different bowls.

The food colouring I have has instructions on how to make certain colours on the back. The colours you will need are red, yellow and brown. For the brown you may need to double the food dye drops. If you want to make the donuts or the pizza you will also need to make green; an orangey-yellow, blue and purple.

When you aren't using the play dough you must store in a sealed container so it doesn't dry.

Step 2: Making the Pie

First you start out by making 2 medium sized balls: 1 brown and the other red.

After you have rolled out the balls flatten them with a rolling pin or the bottom of a box.

Then place the red circle on top of the brown and start bringing the sides up up to form the crust of the pie. Roll out an extra strip of brown into a long line and separate it with your finger nail or toothpick to the length of the pie. To make the top attach one strip close to the end of the pie and one close to it so that there is a small square or triangle in between. Add one more strip to each side of them. Put the second strip you put on over the next one and then under the other one and attach it to the end of the pie. The one you put right beside the one you attached put it over the strip first and then under. If you decide to add more stripes just keep doing the opposite and don"t attach the ones you don't move until the end.

There you have it a cherry pie. You can make it any colour/flavour you want just change the colour of the filling!

Step 3: Making a Stack of Pancakes

Roll a medium sized ball of brown play dough and a teeny tiny ball of yellow.

Rip around 6 even clumps of dough and roll them. Flatten them with a box or just use your hands and make it a bit thicker than the pie crust. Put 1 on top of the other so that there are three stacks of two pancakes. Roll out a line of the yellow play dough and cut out six small squares and attach 2 together so that you have one for each stack of pancakes.

The pancakes are much simpler than the pie. Enjoy!

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