Introduction: Mini Fridge to Shop Cabinet

This is such a quick and simple "re-purposing" of an old appliance it hardly seems worthy of an Instructable. But it may give others a little motivation to save these old beasts from the land-fill.

Step 1: Step 1: Save That Old Broken Stuff.

Our 15 year old mini-fridge (4.4 cu.ft) had gotten progressively less and less "cold" and finally gave out altogether. I assumed I'd have to pay to dispose of it in our local landfill. But I'm always in need of more shelf area and storage cabinets in my garage and in my breezeway workshop. The old fridge turned out to be perfect.

Step 2: Step 2: Minor Shelf Addition and Load It Up.

The fridge comes equipped with adjustable shelves and I only needed to add one wooden shelf on the lower level. The main compartment holds the assorted tools I use most often in the breezeway (my main shop and tools are in the garage). The door of the fridge was also surprisingly handy. It holds the spray cans of WD40, PB Blaster and lubricants in the soda racks and the bottom shelf is perfect the the assorted tape roles I use. I wish I could claim I did more to make customize the fridge...but it is almost perfect just as it is. Just re-purposed.

Step 3: Step 3: Sit Back and Relax.

Here's the new "tool cabinet" as it sits in the breezeway. Just left of the cabinet you can see the shelves which used to hold all the tools (in an ugly, jumbled mess) that are now housed in the fridge. Things now look far more tidy...which makes my wife smile.