Introduction: Mini Lathe Machine

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lathe machine is one of the earliest machines man used to create things. it's versatility made it popular in many sectors including the automotive, aerospace, military, and many other industries.

the purpose of this project is to make an inexpensive lathe machine. that can be used both in the educational field and as a prof of concept for the proposed design.

the students designed, fabricated and assembled the project in their digital fabrication class on a span of 3 weeks.

Step 1: Design

the students used solid works to design the parts. most of the parts we started from the engineering drawing and they make the 3d model.

there are 8 components that needs to be digitized for fabrication.

-The Chuck





-Motor mount

-Motor holder 1

-Motor holder 2

Step 2: Fabrication

we used digital fabrication tools like 3d printer and CNC router for most of the parts. for the base we used the hand and power tools.

the chuck, motor holder and motor mount were 3d printed. while the wheel, slider and tail-stock was cut in cnc.

all the 3d printed parts design were inserted to Cura Ultimaker and then they were printed using Ultimaker 3 Extended.

for the cnc parts design we used easel inventables in a dxf format and then fabricated it using X-Carve.

Step 3: Assembly

Step 4: Final Prototype

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