Introduction: Mini Lego Robot Wars - Rapid

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Hi, this is just a mini version of lego Rapid with working flipper.

Step 1: Step 1. You Will Need:

1x 4x4 tile

2x 2x4 tiles

2x 2x2 circular tiles

2x 2x2 slope

2x 2x2 circular plates

2x 2x1 slopes OR 1 1x4 curved thing(like 2 2x1's put together, back to back).

4x 1x4 plate

6x 2x2 square plate

3x 1x2 plate

1x 1x2 plate with bar hinge

1x 1x2 plate with clip

2x 2x4 plate

2x 2x1x2 plate 90 degrees 2 studs on the bottom 4 up the side

2x 1x2x1 plate 90 degrees 2 studs on the bottom 2 down the side

Step 2: Step 2: Middle Chassis

You will need: 5 2x2 square plates

2 2x1 plates

1 2x4 plate

2 1x4 plates

The Step

Underneath the three 2x2 plates is the 2x4 plate.

Step 3: Step 3: the Wheels and Side Armour

You will need;

The thing you've already built,

2 2x1x1 90 degrees 2 along the bottom and 2 down the side,

2 2x2 circular plates,

2 2x2 circular tiles,

2 2x4 tiles,

and 2 2x1x2 90 degrees 2 along the bottom (width) and 4 up the side(height).

Step 4: Step 4: Top Bit

You will need;

2 1x4 plates

1 1x2 plate

1 4x4 tile ( or 4 2x2 tiles)

1 2x2 plate

1 1x2 plate with clip.

Step 5: Step 5: the Weapon

You will need;

everything that's left.