Mini Lego Wheeler

Introduction: Mini Lego Wheeler

This is an step-by-step Instructable of an Mini Lego 18 Wheeler looking Truck! It requires mainly legos/pieces that you can find in a miscellaneous box of legos, which is not that hard to find if you have a kid, brother, or sister that has a gigantic lego collection. You might have the all the right colors, so you can just custom paint the legos, so that they have even more swag.

Step 1: The Legos Required

I really don't know how to name these legos, just look at the photo. If you have any questions or problems about anything, just leave a comment.

Step 2: Building the Base of the Truck

Step 3: Adding On

Step 4: Almost Done

Step 5: Finishing Andddd.... Done!

Now Your done!! You can add some cool looking flames or spray-paint, so that it looks cooler. Thanks for viewing, and I hope this was helpful.

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7 years ago

i freaking love it!! Best mini big rig I've ever built!