Introduction: Mini Pontoon Boat

Mini pontoon boat made from wooden skewers

Step 1: Gather Tools and Parts

Gather tools and parts needed not all tools in the pic were needed but never hurts to prepared.One tool not displayed is a dremel tool that i used to drill the holes for the pontoons support.

Step 2: Deck

cut skewers to about an inch and a half put some super glue between the grooves to hold it in place to form the deck.

Step 3: The Pontoon Base

the pontoons were just skewers that were a little bit bigger that the ones used for the deck

Step 4: Mast

the mast is made of two Q-tips glued together and piece that is slightly bigger to set the mast in

Step 5: Deck Finishing Touches

time to glue the little pieces in to place to finish up the deck.

Step 6: Final Assembly

The sail can be made from paper to cloth I used bandage tape because it was easy to bend and glue into place.The final step is to glue the deck to the pontoon supports.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Mini Pontoon Boat

Blue rugs make great oceans :)