Mini Potato Cannon




Introduction: Mini Potato Cannon

In this Instructable I'll show you how to build a Mini-Potato-Cannon for less than 10 €. A potato cannon is a gun-like weapon which shoots potatos, snow or other small things used as ammo. If you do not enter ammunition, it just makes a loud bang. Video coming soon!

Step 1: What You'll Need

  • Metal tube connection piece, 40mm to 50mm, 1,69€
  • Socket plug, 50mm, 1,39€
  • Cleaning Pipe with screw cap, 50mm, 3,59€
  • Tube, 30cm, 30mm, 40mm at the end, 1,39€
  • some Screws, at least 1,5 cm long
  • Screwdriver, drill, screw bit
  • 10 minutes of your lifetime

Step 2: Connect Cleaning Tube & Socket Plug

  • cleaning tube, socket plug, 1 screw
  1. Plug the socket plug into the cleaning tube.
  2. Press the socket plug into the tube as strong as you can.
  3. Carefully screw the to parts together.

Step 3: Connect 30cm Tube & Metal Tube Connection Piece

  • 30cm tube, metal tube connection piece, 1 screw
  1. Plug the 30cm tube into the metal tube connection piece.
  2. Press as strong as you can!
  3. Screw the two parts together.

Step 4: Stick All Parts Together

  1. Plug the productions of Step 1 & 2 together.
  2. Fix it the two parts with 1 screw.
  • Now your Mini-Potato-Cannon is almost finished.
  • Depending on the preferred use of your hand (left/right - handed),
  • you have to drill a hole , 5.5mm.
  • If you are right-handed like me, drill it on the right side.

Step 5: Congratulations! You Now Own a Mini-Potato-Cannon

How to use it:

  • Open the screw cap
  • Fill the chamber with something inflamable like hairspray or deodorant. The best results can be reached with some expensive hairspray, the cheaper the product the less power you have.
  • Now you have to be fast: Close the cap, point at your target and hold a burning match to the hole.
  • Watch out where you shoot, it might be illegal in your area!

Be carefull! I assume no responsibility! Wear gloves! Do not shoot at people or animals!

Last but not least: Have fun!

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    6 years ago

    Insert one of These larger lighters used for candles into the hole - then the gas will not escape and you could fire it more easiely.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice mini cannon. If you get a chance, please post a video of the cannon being fired.