Mini Smoking Mortar Round

Introduction: Mini Smoking Mortar Round

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Step 1: Materials

You need finely ground pyrodex/blackpowder a .40 bullet case fuse tape cheap smoke bomb and something to cut fuse with

Step 2: Lift Cup

Insert the fuse into the bottom of the shell and tape it

Step 3: Loading

Poor about 4 22 shells worth of powder into the lift cup

Step 4: The Smoke Ammo

Get the cheap smoke bomb and cut the outer shell off then wrap the smoke mix in cardboard so it fits nice and tight in the. Bullet then cut the fuse so it has less fuse to burn then fray the end so it is easy to light

Step 5: Finishing

Insert the smoke bomb into the powder fuse first and compress it so its tight then place in a tube and shoot it

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    My good Sir, I have a few queries? First what is the outcome of this? I mean does it smoke or does it just burn and make a little bit of smoke, or does it explode? Because I see you are using black powder, which does smoke but not really a lot. Secondly have you thought about using cardboard tubes for this? Because the price of brass has risen quite high and it's not that easy to get old shells now. The rest of this is more suggestion than it is question. If this is a smoke bomb and not a mortar shell then i would suggest using a smoke bomb recipe. The easiest is potassium nitrate and sugar with a smidgeon of iron oxide. This makes a very energetic reaction that produces tons more smoke. If you want a slower reaction leave out the iron oxide, this way if you are looking for a slower release for distraction purposes you can get that effect. And the last little itsy bitsy tiny thing I wanted to mention and i am so not trying to be a grammar nazi or anything but maybe a few commas would help make things a little more readable. Not that i am complaining or making a nuisance or trying to tell you how to write or letting sentences run on and on

    and on

    and on

    and on

    and on

    and on........ , What was I saying? Oh never mind.

    Cool instructable but needs a little polishing.