Introduction: Mini Survival Kit

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This is an Instructable on how to make a mini survival kit.

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

Tinfoil - Cooking and Signal Material 

Clippers - Remove Splinters and obviously clip your nails once in a while

Razor - Substitute for a knife

Step 2: Adding All the Things In

First start by adding the toothpicks, razor and matches inside the money and roll them up and put it inside, put the bandage behind the money,  then add the alcohol swab on the side, add the clippers in front of the money, add the lint in front of the clippers, then lastly add the tinfoil like so. Then Close. Or if you want to add chapstick, unfold the foil cut it in half, fold and add the chapstick in front of the clippers then slip the foil between the swab and case.

Step 3: The String

Using the Solomon knot or whatever it's called or if you need further help on the solomon knot you can view this video from TIAT

Step 4: Your All Done

Now Go Survive With This Piece Of Magic!!!!!!