Mini Craft Stick Crossbow

Introduction: Mini Craft Stick Crossbow

Hi guys this is my first project and it is a twist on the moi crossbow from sonic dad and you can get instructions for that here:

In this project I add a trigger so that it launches every time, a straw to hold extra ammo, and a piece over the bolt to make sure the string doesn't go over the bolt when the bolt is fired.

This is a great thing to build for fun or as a project with kids.



Craft sticks

Plastic straw

Embroidery thread

Small fastener/nail

Hot Glue

Sand paper

Step 1: The Basic Crossbow

Follow the instructions in the packet from the link above to build the basic crossbow. Use the templates to measure and cut out popsicle sticks.

Step 2: The trigger

Once you are done building the basic crossbow take three small squares of a craft stick and glue them into tower then glue that to the back and side of the crossbow. Then take one longer piece of a craft stick with one side angled in a curve like the end of the craft stick and the other side flat. Take the small nail and nail the longer peace on to the tower in the middle of the longer peace so the longer piece can swivel around. make sure that when the string is loaded and the angled piece pushes it up the string is released from the notch in the crossbow.

Step 3: The Bolt Guard

To make the bolt guard which makes sure the string doesn't go over the bolt when the bolt is being fired you take a small square of craft stick and a longer peace with a point on one end. Glue the square to the flat end and put a few pieces of tape on the bottom of the pointed to make sure the bolt doesn't slip Then glue the square behind the notch for the embroidery thread so the arrow goes past the notch.

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