Miniature Artwork Made by Carving Chalk

Introduction: Miniature Artwork Made by Carving Chalk

About: I am Nishant Chandna. I have started doing Instructables so that I could share my hobbies with the world. I hope you enjoy my projects.

Hello, I have made this lovely and tiny art by just using a piece of chalk, a knife and some colours.. when I got to know about this competition I was pretty confident about participating in it. In the above images, you can see my miniature artwork.

Step 1: Drawing the Character

It is very simple you just need to take a pencil and start drawing the character you want to make. In the above images you can see what i made.

Step 2: Carving

Now with a small needle or a sharp knife start carving the small organs like eyes, lips, nose etc. be very carefull as the chalk may break easily

Step 3: Painting

With a thin paint brush start painting the details. on the shirt you can even make any design or so but here I have written the first letter of my name.

Step 4: Final

finally you just need to make a stand for it and your miniature artwork is ready.

Step 5: Ready

please support me as its my second post you can see my first one in the toys contest

Thank you!!!! instructable for giving me such a great platform .

Step 6: IT'S Smaller Than My Index Finger

see how small it is

Step 7: Garden Tour

That's when I took him to my garden wherein he seemed to be smaller than the grass, leaves, flowers. And you can see how tiny it is

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3 years ago

Very good. Keep up the good work


3 years ago on Step 7

Very good effort at such a young age