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Introduction: Miniature Classic Guitar

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Ever wanted to have a miniature of your favorite musical instrument, that you could take anywhere?

in three steps... together I'll show you how I made my own miniature classic guitar, and tell me if you made yours it too


Popsicle sticks or Balsa wood

Craft knife

Wood Glue


Thin metal wire

Step 1: Cutting Out the Wood

first of all, cut out the wood by following the drawing plan as shown

and for the nick (Fingerboard) you can increase the thickness of it by putting multi-layer of wood glued together.


Take your time while cutting the shapes and sand it carefully

Step 2: Making the Body

At this stage, the object begins to take its final shape

Wet the wood first, then gently bend it and glue it to the edges of the bottom piece first as shown

1. Start with the bottom piece

2. wait until it's totally dry

3. Glue the Upper piece

4. hold it together using rubber bands and wait to dry

Step 3: Strings and Painting

1. Once you're satisfied with the shape glue the nick to the body using strong wood adhesive, then paint your miniature as you like.

2. And to make the position markers use thin metal wire and cut it out then glue it to the nick, use the drawing plan as a guide

3. Drill 6 holes in the bridge pins and another 6 into the nick.

4. For the strings, you may use nylon or any thick threads.

Don't forget to share your own project with me if you want to make your own miniature musical inturment. :)

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    Tip 7 days ago

    Nice miniature!

    Tip #1: When making the tuning knobs, try using solder, cut a short length and squeeze the end of it with flat (not serrated) pliers. It forms a flat-rounded-end that looks like the shape of a metal tuner. It's easier than trying to crush/shape copper wire.

    Tip #2: When fretting the neck, don't cut 20+ tiny fragments of wire, instead, use a single long length and wind it as a continuous spiral, OVER the fretboard, and around/under something larger to hold/support the neck. This way you can pull some tension in, to keep them straight, adjust the positions a little, then when done, glue them all, and finally snip all along the edges!

    Pictures below: 14cm long total length "acoustic" guitar, made from wood veneer (body) and a spare sliver from a piece of pine wood (neck).


    Reply 5 days ago

    Thank you MikB for the great tips and I'll consider that in my next miniatures.
    That's a very nice and detailed piece of art really.


    Reply 11 hours ago

    Thank you! :)