Miniature Doll Stamps

Introduction: Miniature Doll Stamps

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Hello everyone, I Am Sarah from Creative Minds.

Today,we made a miniature stamp for doll which can work when pressed into ink.

For a quick video tutorial check this out:-

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel for more miniature tutorials.



1-Card stock

2-Thin craft foam



*Start by cutting a long strip of card stock and fold it to make a small thick rectangular base for the stamp.
*Roll a small strip of card stock and secure with glue.Stick it in the center of one side of the rectangular base for the handle.
*Cut a rectangle out of foam that is slightly smaller than the base.
*Cut out any shape out of foam and stick it on the foam.

*Finally glue the foam on the base and your stamp is ready to decorate your doll's crafts and cards:)


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