Miniature Weathercock Pop-up Business Card

Introduction: Miniature Weathercock Pop-up Business Card

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This is a pop-up business card, that is, a small card, which when opened, becomes 3D, in this case it is a Weathercock vane, and it actually works, is aligned to where the wind is blowing.

To make it you need a thick letter sheet, scissors, glue stick and a paper clip.

Step 1: Pattern Cutting

Print or copy the following pattern in the image or pdf on your letter sheet and cut the 6 pieces.


Step 2: Folding Pieces

Piece A is the base of the card. This just needs to fold the center (Photo 1)

Part B and C are the vane supports. These you have to make your 4 folds in both pieces. (Photo 2)

Parts D and E are the rotating bases. These pieces must be rolled up helped with the paper clip that we must unfold previously (Photo 3) , at the end of the roll you have to put a little glue so that they do not unroll. (Photo 4)

And part F is the weather vane itself. It is necessary to cut the two pieces carefully and glue them together to make the paper thicker. (Photo 5)

Step 3: Paste Pieces

Take pieces B and C, and glue one of their shaded ends to the following on card A. (Photo 1, 2 and 3)

Now glue the other shaded ends to the central ones on the card and it will stay like this. (Photo 4 and 5)

Between these two squares we will place glue stick and put a straw here in the center and glue these ends. (Photo 6, 7, 8 and 9)

Closing the card helps keep everything in place until it dries. (Photo 10 and 11)

Now we will glue the other straw to the rooster in this way, cut a bit of the excess straw. (Photo 12, 13 and 14)

Step 4: Assemble Pieces

We have everything you need to put the card together.

We cut the clip a bit (Photo 1 and 2)

And put it in the straw of the card. (Photo 3 and 4)

We place the rooster on the other end (Photo 5)

Step 5: Pop-Up

And it's done.

In the video you can see how it works.

In the photos you can see how small it is when it's closed, the same size as a card.

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    2 years ago

    I'm liking the idea of the "seeing where the wind blows". It is an appropriate business card gag for some folks. I'm not sure they'd get it, but I would in giving it to them.