Introduction: "Minigun" (literally)

For starters, this is a gun that I made for the "challenge" that I gave to TheDunkis. It's supposed to be the world's smallest detachable mag, true trigger k'nex gun, but I'm sure someone out there already made a smaller one.

Range- 10-20 ft.
Mobility- Good
Stability-Very Good
Mag Size- 3 Shots

Detachable magazine, fits in pocket, and has very good range for such a small gun.

A bit bulky when in pocket and for some reason now it seems to keep, not really jamming, but getting stuck some where inside the gun when cocking. (Don't judge it on this. I'll tell you why a little later)

You could probably just make it from one picture, but whatever.

Step 1: Magazine and Mag Pusher

Look at the tags

Step 2: Receiver

Look at the tags.

Step 3: Trigger

Look at tags.

Step 4: Firing Pin

Look at tags.

Step 5: Assembly

Look at tags.

Step 6: Loading and Firing

Look at the tags.