Introduction: Minion Earrings

These earrings are smaller than a penny while still being incredibly adorable! They are a stylish addition to a minion-lover's collection and go great with almost anything. Customize your own minion to make Stuart, Kevin, Carl, or a new minion that you create yourself.

*Tip: Watch the minion movie while making these earrings to feel inspired*

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

  • Polymer clay in blue, brown, black, silver/gray, yellow, and white
  • Razor blade (or a sharp cutting tool)
  • 2 headpins (pieces of wire can also work)
  • 2 dangle earring pieces
  • Pair of pliers (for wire)

These things can all be found at most craft stores. Be careful when using sharp tools.

Step 2: Make Body/Overalls

First, roll out an oval shape of yellow clay. You can make any size you want, but I was going for a really tiny minion so the size of my minion's body was a little less than that of the pad of my pinkie finger.

Next, form a flattened blue circle. Try to make the clay as flat as you can without tearing the clay. Place this circle of clay on one end of your oval and wrap it around the yellow, almost like you're making the yellow oval a little blue hat. Then cut a square of flattened blue clay and place it on the oval so that about half of the yellow is bare (see picture). This creates the front of the overalls. Do this on both sides.

Finally, take two strips of blue and connect the front and back of the overalls and create the straps.

Step 3: Add Arms, Legs, & Feet

Arms: Take your yellow clay and make a coil the length of the body of the minion. Cut this piece in half to create two separate pieces. Then take two really tiny balls of black clay and attach one to each arm. Connect the arms to the body under the straps of the overalls.

Legs: Take two blue balls of blue clay and attach them on the bottom of your minion. Smooth the clay so that they seamlessly connect to the body.

Feet: Take two small ovals of black clay and attach them on the ends of your blue legs, making feet.

Step 4: Eyes & Headpin

Eyes: Make two (or one, depending on the minion) discs of silver clay and attach them to the body so that they are touching. You have made the rim of the goggles. Then make two slightly smaller circles of white clay and attach them inside of the gray clay (concentric circles). Take blue or brown clay (depending on the eye color of the minion) and place a dot of it on each eye for the irides. If desired, take an extremely tiny dot of black clay and place it on each iris to make a pupil. Finally, take a strip of black clay and wrap it around the minion's head to make the strap of the goggles.

Headpin: Stick the headpin between the feet of the minion and run it through the body lengthwise. The flat part should be the end that stays between the feet. This is so that you can make a loop of wire to connect the earring dangle to. The headpin is used so that the wire doesn't come out of the clay.

Step 5: Hair

Take little tendrils of black clay and place them on the minion's head (if you want your minion to have hair).

Step 6: Attach to Dangle

Bake your minion according to your clay's instructions. After cooling: Using the pliers, fold the wire to create a loop. Be careful when doing this; you don't want to accidentally fracture your minion, now do you. Attach the dangle.

You have made your earring! If desired, make another minion earring, or follow the next step to create a banana earring.

Step 7: (Optional)Banana Earring

Bend your remaining headpin so that it is curved in an arc-shape. Cover with yellow clay for the main part of the banana. Add brown or black clay to each end. Bake, make loop with wire, and attach to dangle.

Step 8: Finished!

Wow! Look at what you have created! For months you've been dreaming of having minions to do your bidding, and now you finally do... well... they probably won't do what you command them to do, but at least they make you look hella fine. XD

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