Introduction: Mint Tin Survival Kit

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Yet another tin box survival kit each one is a little different so here's mine

Step 1: Stuff I Put in It

Ok this is my first instructable and I've been contemplating on what I should put on fours for about a year a little sad right . But that's besides the point. I got flint and steal a hand saw knife tweezers nail clippers fishing line hooks nail file dryer lint for fire cotton and bandage wrap

Step 2: Fitting All This #%*^ in This Little Box

So this is the hardest part fitting all this stuff in this little box for me at least. In the pictures I show you how to fit it all in and at end I put a little clasp on it from a cigar box so it doesn't pop open in your pocket or where ever you have it. Thanks for viewing comment on suggestion I'm thinking on gluing a small compass on the top .