Introduction: Miss La Sen Cake Box

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Miss La Sen is a lucky and protective fictional character. With this guide, you can make a Miss La Sen cake box simply. Materials: printed Paper, white Glue, Scissors…

Step 1: Download This Pattern for Miss La Sen Cake Box.

Step 2: Print It in A2 Size Paper.

Step 3: Cutting Out Stamped Images Like the Picture With Scissors.

Step 4: Cutting Straight Lines 9N and 9M

Step 5: Fold 10H and 10J Line Like the Picture.

Step 6: Punch the Long Holes As Shown to Insert the Corresponding Arrows.

Step 7: Punch the Holes of the Sun's Rays Z and Y

Step 8: Use White Glue to Glue 20A With 20B Together. Glue 21D With 21E Together.

Step 9: Punch a Hole in the Center of the Cover of the Box.

Fold the 6E pad and the 6F pad into the inside of the box. Punch 3A hole on this cover to insert the 3A arrow.

Step 10: Punch the Long Hole at 5A, to Insert the 6A Arrow.

Step 11: Done. You Have the Miss La Sen Cake Box.

Step 12: You Can Use This Box to Place the Moon Cake or Use It As a Lantern, Put a Candle or Small Electric Light Into This Box.