Introduction: Miss La Sen Fabric Head

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Miss La Sen is character in Sorim story boardgame, Hi La Sen- Hi Nice Life song and Miss La Sen spring rolls...etc

Step 1: Cut a Round on the White Felt or Fabric for the Head, Diameter Approximately 9.5cm.

For the strong base, you can use the padded foam (padding) under the fabric then glue or sew them together.

Step 2: Cut 4 Oval Shape, 6cm Long, 3cm Wide on the Dot Fabric for 2 Ears.

Sew 2 pieces of each ear together by hand or machine. You have 2 ears.

Step 3: Sew or Glue 2 Ears on the Head.

Step 4: Cut a Pink Headband on the Fabric or Felt. Sew It on the Head.

Step 5: Sew the Blue Dot Bow, 7cm Long and 4cm Wide.

Step 6: Sew the Bow on the Headband.

Step 7: Sew or Glue the Dot 5-petal Flower on the Right Ear.

Use the acrylic paint to paint the eyes, eyebrows, eyebrushes, mouth, nose.

Step 8: Paint the Pink Cheeks. Done. You Have Miss La Sen Fabric Head.