Introduction: Miss La Sen Food Paper Box

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When you need to use a paper box to hold the food : Chinese humbow, bakpao, baozi, Chinese shrimp dumplings Har Gow... You can use Miss La Sen food paper box sample.

Step 1: Download This Pattern. Print It in A3 Size Paper.

Step 2: Trace the Pattern on the Cardboard and Cut It Out.

Step 3: Fold It Like the Picture.

Step 4: Cut 4 Gaps.

Step 5: Fold It Like That.

Step 6: Put the 2 Ears Which Have the Gap Together, Like the Picture.

Step 7: Fold 2 Sides Like That.

Step 8: Fold the Cover of the Box.

Step 9: Close the Cover of the Box.

Step 10: Download This Pattern for Miss La Sen Shape. Print It in A4 Size Paper and Cut Each Element, Then Glue Them Together on the Box.

You have Miss La Sen Food Paper Box