Introduction: Miss La Sen Standing Hand Drawing

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Drawing a standing Miss La Sen is rather easy.

Step 1: Use the Pencil to Draw a Round for the Head.

Step 2: Draw 2 Ears.

Step 3: Draw the Headband.

Step 4: Draw the Bow in the Center.

Step 5: Use the Eraser to Clear the Redundant Trait.

Step 6: Draw the Flower on the Right Ear.

Step 7: Draw 2 Rounds for 2 Eyes and Draw Eyelids.

Step 8: Draw Eyelashes and Eyebrows.

Step 9: Draw the Nose and Cheeks.

Step 10: Draw the Mouth.

Step 11: Draw the Dress.

Step 12: Draw 2 Arms.

Step 13: Draw the Right Leg.

Step 14: Draw the Right Shoe.

Step 15: Draw the Left Leg.

Step 16: Draw the Left Shoe.

Step 17: Color in the Drawing.