Miss La Sen Wooden Stick Well



Introduction: Miss La Sen Wooden Stick Well

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Miss La Sen is a fictional character in Sorim story boardgame, Miss La Sen spring rolls, Hi La Sen- Hi Nice Life song.

Step 1: Download This Pattern and Print It Out in A4 Size Paper.

Step 2: Take Wooden Sticks and Cut Out Them 8cm Long.

Step 3: Cut Out the Paper Cardboard Into the Rectangle 27cm Long, 7cm High.

Step 4: Roll the Paper Rectangle Into the Pipe by Glueing 2 Ends of the Paper Rectangle Together.

Step 5: Use the Glue-gun to Glue the Wooden Sticks Onto the Paper Pipe.

Step 6: Glue the Wooden Sticks Around the Pipe.

Step 7: Use the Hemp String to Glue Around the Bottom of the Pipe ( the Well).

Step 8: Glue the Hemp String Onto the Center of the Well.

Step 9: Glue 2 Wooden Sticks Onto the 2 Sides of the Well.

Step 10: Cut the Wooden Stick to Connect With 2 Sticks at the 2 Sides.

Step 11: Trace the Miss La Sen's Head on the Foam and Cut It Out.

Step 12: Trace the Flower and Headband on the Foam. Cut Them Out and Glue Them Like the Picture.

Step 13: Trace the Dress on the Foam and Cut It Out.

Step 14: Cut the Blue Foam Bow and Glue It Onto the Headband.

Step 15: Cut the Shoes. Glue the Dress Onto the Head.

Glue the shoes onto the dress. Cut the eyes, mouth, cheeks. Glue them like the picture.

Step 16: Cut the Arms and Glue Them Onto the Dress.

Step 17: Glue Miss La Sen Foam Doll Onto the Well.

Step 18: Done. You Have the Miss La Sen Wooden Stick Well for Your Kid.

You can make the bottom of the well and use this craft well like the pen holder.

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