Mitad Del Mundo- Monument Steps

Introduction: Mitad Del Mundo- Monument Steps

For this project, I decided to use TinkerCad and make the “Mitad del mundo” monument that is located in Quito, Ecuador. Making this project was a real challenge for me, I’m not a profesional at Tinkercad, but in the process I got better at it, and sometimes I stressed myself because things are not perfect or good enough, but I’ve made this instructable for you, so keep calm and continue reading if you want to know how I make it.



Step 1: Look for the Materials That You Are Going to Use.

For this 1st step we are going to open Tinkercad, and we will be looking for the materials or shapes that we will use. First we have to open the side bar, and search for the category that says “basic shapes” then we’ll choose this shapes: the red box and the sphere. After that we’ll move on to search for the category that says “all”: In page 6 look for: square tapered

In page 10 look for: double trapezoid

In page 13 look for: project box

In page 16 look for: tree

And in page 17 look for: terrain

This shapes are going to be used along all the project, so I recommend you to add them when it’s time so you don’t get confused.

Step 2: Modify the Shapes to the Size Needed

After choosing the shapes that you´ll need, you have to make them bigger or smaller, so then can fit perfectly .

You´ll click in the box and drag it until it´s higher, and drag it until it´s thicker.

With the sphere and the square trapezoid, you won’t change the size.

Step 3: Construction of the Monument

For this step you can search for a reference image of the half of the world.

First I drag all the shapes to the center of the workspace and put them on top of each other.

You are able to see your project in different angles, that allows you to improve in your monument.

Step 4: Change Colors

After making your model, select each shape and click in the circle color, to change it.

Repeat each process with every shape, put the same color to all the figures.

Step 5: (optional) Add Details (people, Grass, Text, Stairs, Etc) to Your Project

For this step you can add some details to improve and decorate your model.

Remember that this step is optional.

First you have to add : the terrain, the trees and the letters that we’ll use are: N, S, E, W.

After adding these shapes, move them below so they can be in the workspace. For the terrain just make it bigger by dragging from the corner and add the tree in the terrain space.

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