Mixed Dry Fruit Bars

Introduction: Mixed Dry Fruit Bars

- These mixed dry fruit bars are prepared using various nuts and seeds and can be healthy option to munch any time.


- One bowl of Almonds and cashews

- One bowl of Deseeded dates

- One bowl of figs

- Mixed seeds(sunflower seeds,flax seeds and sesame seeds)

- Few raisins

You can increase or decrease the quantity of nuts and seeds depending on your choice and you can even add any other seeds as per your choice.

Step 1: Microwave Figs and Chop Them

- First step is to microwave figs for few seconds. This is only done to make them little soft.

- Chop them and keep ready

Step 2: Blend Dates to Puree

- I have taken deseeded dates so it was easy to blend. If your using seeded dates, then first remove seeds,chop them and transfer to blender .

- Blend to puree.

Step 3: Blend All Nuts and Seeds to Powder

- Take almonds,cashews,sunflower seeds,flax seeds and sesame seeds in blender.

- Blend them to powder.

Step 4: Procedure for Making Bars

- Once we are ready with all ingredients for making bars take a vessel and add little melted butter to it.

- When butter melts add raisins and saute for few minutes.

Step 5: Add Chopped Figs and Mix

-Next add chopped figs and mix for few minutes

Step 6: Add Blended Nuts and Seeds Powder

Next add blended nuts and seeds powder and mix everything.

Step 7: Transfer to Wax Paper

- Now transfer prepared mix to wax paper and flatten using roller.

Step 8: Cut Them in to Bars

Finally cut them in to bars and store them in airtight container.

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