Introduction: Mobile Base for Your Angle Grinder

Mobile Base for your angle grinder

This is a fantastic equipment that makes it much easier to work from day to day. However, due to the characteristics, it is sometimes difficult to handle. Mainly for not having a physical support for the beginning (mainly) and the continuation of the execution of the work. This is perhaps one of the reasons for accidents.

Thinking about how to facilitate my work I made this base of support to be coupled to the equipment. This proved to be a great support in the execution of the works

Step 1: Material:


• iron plate 1 X 200 X 100 X 2mm;
• iron bar 2 X 150 X 30 X 3 mm;

• iron bar 2 X 40 X 30 X 3 mm;

• iron bar 2 X 30 X 30 X 3 mm;

• 1 x 8 x 80mm screws

• 2 x 8mm nuts;

• 2 x 8mm washers;

• screws * 2 X 7 X 30mm;

• Screws * 1 X 7 X 50mm;

• 3 x 7mm nuts;

2 x 7mm washers;

Step 2: Preparing Material

Adjust the dimensions of the iron plate 200 X 100 X 2mm so that it is at a right angle (90º), on all sides;

Cut 2 pieces of iron bar 40 X 30 X 3 mm;

Mark the center and drill a 10mm hole on one side. The hole should have a diameter of 7 mm;

Cut two pieces of iron 150 mm;

There should be 3 holes in these bars. One bar will have two holes for the other only one.

Two holes are similar for both bars. For this you can join them and drill the hole in one go. The hole should be 10 mm from the edge

The third is in only one of the pieces, at the opposite end, and not aligned.

Note the drawing

The holes should be according to the bolts used;

Mold the bars according to the grinder so as to conform to the profile of the machine;

Cut one piece iron rod 30 mm. Drill a 7mm diameter hole. This hole should be moved further down and forward.

Note the drawing

Disregard the hole above. This was a reused piece of other service.

Step 3: Starting the Arm Assembly

Then screw these parts into the machine and adjust them. One will be fixed in the right side hole and the other will be fixed in the top hole. Then give a soldering point;

Then weld the other 30mm piece already drilled. To facilitate alignment use the 7mm screw to secure them.

Then weld (give only one soldering point) the piece of iron bar 30 mm on the side.

Note figure

In this step it is important that the final piece is at right angles, that is, in square.

Do not finish the part yet.

Step 4: The Base

With the arms half-finished, remove the screw;

Take the 2 pieces of iron bar 40 X 30 X 3 mm and place one on each side on the side of the arms and replace the screw in order to join them and facilitate the soldering in the plate;

The plate
With the set of arms and sides attached, position them on the plate so that it is more offset to the right. On both sides should be a margin. Being that the left this must be smaller

Then weld (give only one soldering point) on both sides.

Make the necessary adjustments. There should be no excessive play;

Lateral welded and without arms.

Welded side with arms being assembled.

To facilitate the movement two washers were placed between the side and the arms.

After checking the alignment perform the final welding.

Step 5: Finishing the Assembly.

Apertar com porca e contra-porca.

Observe se o movimentar livremente e os braços estão 90º com a base.

Após checar o alinhamento realizar a soldagem final.

Tighten with nut and counter nut.

Observe if you move it freely and the arms are 90º with the base.

After checking the alignment perform the final welding.

Step 6: Base Cutting

Corte da base.

Faça a marcação do corte. Comece furando os cantos e finalize com serra tico tico.

Base Cutting

Mark the cut. Start by sticking the corners and finish with a l saw

Step 7: Base With Mounted Grinder

Aproveite o punho de apoio que já acompanha o equipamento e substituo o parafuso colocado inicialmente.

Take advantage of the support handle that already accompanies the equipment and replace the initially set screw

Step 8: The Screw Depth Cut

O parafuso permite o ajuste de profundidade do corte;

Observe o alinhamento do disco nos sentidos longitudinal e transversal.

The Screw Depth Cut

The screw allows adjustment of cut depth;
Note the alignment of the disk in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

Step 9: ATTENTION - Reminder

Remember this support is indicated for grinder with three holes. These allowed to fix the machine in the support and the third hole regulates the depth of cut.

Safety always.


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