Introduction: Mobile Phone Cable Tidy & Holder

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An everyday First World problem can be left in the tangled past with this iPhone cable tidy and phone holder. It has always been a bug bear of mine that mobile phone cables constantly end up curled on the floor so that when you want to use them you have to contort your body to find them. I came up with this design which allows you to place the cable in a holder which at the same time holds your phone upright and facing towards you whether in your bedroom or your office. Unlike other holders this allows you to easily remove or replace the phone while keeping the charger cable connected to your phone.


3D printer (CR-10 mini)

PLA filament (gold)

Double sided sticking tape


iPhone charger cable

Bedside table or desk

Step 1: Check Your Equipment

Please check your equipment and select the holder for you. I designed this specifically for iPhones and the standard iPhone cable (Phone holder std). However, I have also designed one for a non-standard 3m Anko iPhone cable which has a larger cable end (Phone holder long cable) and another for use with this 3m Anko cable as well as a 360 cover similar to the one on my iPhone SE which increases the thickness (10mm) of the mobile (Phone holder PHerault).

The models are no larger than 60mm x 50mm x 20mm, therefore most if not all 3D printer should be able to handle them.

Step 2: Create the Holder

Print the Phone holder on a 3D printer. If you do not use supports as I do, for best results print at 0.1mm layer height with the front of the holder face down towards the printing bed.

Step 3: Position the Holder

Cut two squares (10mm x 10mm) of double-sided sticking tape. Cut one corner off each square and stick them to the back face of the phone holder. Stick the back face of the holder to the side of the bedside table or desk so that the underside is flat against the top of the furniture.

Step 4: Relish the Declutter

Drop the cable end into the housing and test it out. Now you will easily locate your cable without having to unravel it from the tangle of electrical cables on the floor.

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