Introduction: Mobile Printer

A Mobile Printer is a printer that prints the letters and words by moving around. It consists of an arduino, four omni wheels, four 360⁰ servos, one 180⁰ servo, sketch pen, lippo battery, four voltage regulators, bluetooth module, power bank.

Step 1: Working Principle

1. Input a letter or a word in the terminal of "Arduino Bluecontrol" android app.

2. Bluetooth module receives the input and sends to the arduino.

3. Arduino recieves it and decode the input according to the code that we have written.

4. Now it sends to the servo motors and operate them accordingly to print the desired.

Step 2: Manafacturing

1. Take a square shaped acrylic sheet and fix the 360° servos on 4 sides of it and fix the omni wheels to those servos.

2. Take a lippo battery and give its input to the 7805 voltage regulators and take the output from them and give them to servos.

3. Connect the data pin of the servos to the arduino.

4. Make a hole to fit the pen to write.

5. Use a gear system to make the pen up and down.

6. Connect that gear to the 180° servo and stick the pen to the track of the gear system.

7. Feed the code into the arduino and connect bluetooth module to it.

8. From power bank give power to the arduino.

9. Download the "Arduino Bluecontrol" app from playstore of the android phone and connect to the bluetooth.

10. And there the mobile printer is made and can be used to print.