Introduction: Mobile Racing Game Controller

This is a Quick and Easy Tutorial on how to make a Mobile Racing Game Controller.

I'm Going to Make one with Foamboard

I Have made one with Cardboard before so I know it works


Cardboard or Foamboard



Hot Glue Gun

Crafting Knife (or anything that cuts cardboard/foamboard nicely)

Step 1: Cutting the Cardboard/Foamboard

Cut the Central piece to the dimensions of your phone, you can choose the size of the rest. Make two of them with cutting the centerpiece out, then another one without cutting the centerpiece out.

I recommend tracing the outline of the first one you cut with a pen, so then you know they're the same size.

Step 2: Gluing Them Together

To glue them together you want to glue all around the perimeter of the oval.

Step 3: Adding the Battery

Now glue a battery that has no charge in it to the back of the piece of cardboard that you didn't cut the centerpiece out.

Step 4: Making the Stand

Cut one piece of Cardboard 10 x 7/2 cm

and another one 6 x 7/2 cm and glue them together like the picture above.

Now cut a hole in it as big as the battery, approximately 5 cms from the top.

Step 5: Attaching the Phone Holder to Stand

See image above...

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