Introduction: Mobius Strip With Duct Tape

  What is a Mobius Strip you may ask? It's a shape that is unusual because if you were to draw a line along one side, you would transverse both sides before getting to where the line started, without crossing an edge! So essentially, it only has one side. Weird, eh?

Step 1: Parts/Tools

  Duct tape
  Sharpie marker

Step 2: Cut Tape

Cut two pieces of tape, one 20" piece and one 22 1/2 inch piece.

Step 3: Join Tape

Now, carefully flip the short piece of tape on top of the long piece so that there is a bit of exposed tape on each side.

Step 4: Join the Ends

Put a half-twist in the tape and join the two ends, exposed tape to exposed tape. Your done! Go on to the next step to see what you can do with it!

Step 5: Cool Tricks

  Let's check out some weird properties of the Mobius strip. First, draw a line down the middle of the surface all the way around. You'll notice that you have drawn a line on both sides of the tape.
  Now, cut on that line all the way around. Instead of getting two thinner Mobius strips like you may have expected, you'll end up with one Mobius strip twice as long as the first!
  Now cut down the middle again. You probably think it's going to make a loop twice as long as the second one, right? Wrong! This time it makes two interlocking loops!
  I hope you enjoyed this little Instructable! Please rate and comment!

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