Introduction: Mod Squad Prototypes

These are prototypes for prosthetic arms made from recycled toy parts. The intention is for them to be given to child amputees in developing nations who do not have access to a prosthetic arm and would otherwise have nothing.

If you want to try out using toys to make prosthetic arms for child amputees join our group Mod Squad!

The way of attaching it to a child's body still needs to be developed and the durability aspect needs to be improved but it is a good start and explores the possibility of what we can do with these materials.

The reason we wanted to re-use toys is because they are so abundant here in the US and create a lot of waste. Plus they are colorful and fun and appeal to children and some toys are even made specifically to withstand the wear and tear of child's play.

The first set I made from one robot toy that I got at Wallgreens for only $9.99.

The second set my classmate Mariana made out of the toy Toobers and Zots, it costs only $19.99 for a kit that provides enough to make at least 2-3 arms.

The issue of attaching the arm to the child's body still needs to be explored. The yellow spiral on the left end is perfect to cover up what helps attach it to the arm.