Modding a Nerf Dart Tag Gun!

Introduction: Modding a Nerf Dart Tag Gun!

About: Hey guys, I'm just a 13 year old kid with a big imagination and I want to share it with the world! There will always be haters! YOLO!!!'

Hey guys and welcome to my first Nerf gun mod. Today I'm gonna be modding a Nerf dart tag gun! I hope you enjoy! :) ;)

Step 1: Unscrewing!

First u wanna unscrew all the screws on the Nerf gun and take off all the pieces ACCEPT part of the yellow cocking bit on the back or else you have to reset the cocking mechanism which takes AGES :p

Step 2: The Mod Itself!

Once inside the gun, you want to grab about three 1p coins and stick them behind the spring at the top of the gun. This will give it more power in the long run! ;)

Step 3: Finishing Off!

Once you have done that, you wanna put the gun back the way it was and you are done! I hope you guys enjoyed this instructables and if it worked for you then plz put down a comment and a favourite! Thx! And...

SEE YA!!!!!!

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    Tip 4 years ago

    i have done this mod and it works very well, but, i didn't use pennys i used 5 quarters insted, and that seems to work better than the pennys. over all, this is a nice quick and easy mod!