Introduction: Model Robot With Storage Space

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This model is based on the Instructables robot. It can be put on display, but with a handy storage space at the front!

Step 1: What You Need






Masking Tape

Sticky Tape


Paper Fastener

Step 2: The Head

First of all, make a net of a cube. I made each square inside 5 cm x 5 cm. So I have a 5 x 5 x 5 cube. Then, score each fold with the blade so later you can easily fold it. After this cut it out. You may want to put a deeper score around the outside of the net to make it easier to cut.

Step 3: Assembling the Cube

Fold the net so that the scores and the lines are on the inside. Then, using sticky tape, assemble the cube. Make sure it is sealed securely. Keep on using sticky tape until you have one flap left. It will be impossible to seal this down unless you use tape on the outside, so use the masking tape. This will mean you can paint it later on.

Once this is done, proceed to covering the whole cube with masking tape.

Step 4: The Body

Now make 4 rectangles. The first two should be 14 cm x 9 cm. The 3rd should be 14 cm x 7 cm. The final one should be 14 cm x 5 cm. Now, lay them all side by side, longest to shortest. Attach them together with sticky tape and masking tape. Now make a 14 cm x 14 cm square and attach that to either end of the cardboard train that you made. Attach the end of the square now to the other end of the cardboard train. It should look like a 3d pentagon that you can look through.

Step 5: The Body

Now, lay the pentagon thing on it's side and trace out the area where it's empty. It will look like an irregular pentagon. Cut it out and attach it to to a side of the 3d pentagon. Repeat for the other side.

Step 6: Attaching the Head to the Body

Now, using masking tape, stick the head on to the body. Then, cut out 2 equal sizes of straw (depending on how long you want the antennae to be), and put four slits in it and open it up. Cut out a circle from the cardboard and using masking tape, attach it to the centre. Now make another antennae and attach it to either side of the head.

Step 7: Arms

Using some paper card, cut out two 14 cm x 9 cm rectangles, and roll them up to make two tubes. Stick the tube together with two pieces of sticky tape. Now, pinch the top of the tube and seal it like that with some more sticky tape. Make a tiny slit inside the pinched together area of the two tubes and push a paper fastener in. Now make a small slit in the sides of the body where the arms would go. Push the paper fasteners with the arms into them. You're now almost done!

Step 8: Finally...

Finally, turn the robot around to it's front and slit open the sticky tape attaching the marked panel. Open the flap up and it's ready for use...unless you want to add further decoration!

Step 9: Thanks

Thanks for reading this instructable. If you need more photos, steps or description, post a comment on what exactly you need. Post a picture of your creation in the comments! And please follow, like and share!



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