Introduction: Model of a Building

What did you make?
Since I am getting ready to go off into college I decided to get an internship with a local architecture firm. There I learned many things and I had the great opportunity to make a model of one of the buildings which they were working on. To make this model, I needed the buildings plans, a cork backed ruler, an architectural scale, pencil, cutting matte, X-acto knife, glue, foam core, and chipboard.
How did you make it?
As part of the internship, I was going to have the opportunity to make a model of a building. To start off and to be able to make the model, I had to learn how to “read” and interpret the plans of the building. The architects had me study the plans for a few hours and learn what each sign on the page meant. I had to understand that some numbers meant for me to flip to a different page to see the window or wall in a better detail.
After I had a clear understanding of what most things in the plans meant, I cut out the base of the model from foam core and glued on the floor plan. Next, I glued on the side views of the building to some chipboard and cut them out as well. After I had all of the walls, I glued them on to have the main structure of the buildings. Now I was able to add the walls of the floor, but first I had to scale the plans onto the chipboard and measure them with the architectural scale so I could cut them the right size. This process required a lot of patience because there were some minute details like the door openings and the thin posts that held up the structure and they had to be done properly.
Where did you make it?
I made this project in an internship I took with a local architecture firm. I had some kind of experience with working with some of the materials I needed to create the model. I had taken classes at school that involved architecture and using an architectural scale and reading plans, although not so complicated.
What did you learn?
The hardest thing to do while making the model was gluing the walls together and putting them into the final model. I also I had a very hard time making the stairway that was located outside the building. It was something challenging but very fun because I had the patience for it but I would not mind doing another model again. Although, if I did have that chance I would change my X-acto knife blade more often because it would give me cleaner cuts and make everything a lot easier. I am very proud of the entire model since it was the first time I had ever made one and it looked good and I received positive comments from the architects at the firm.

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