Introduction: Modern Gravel Garden

My wife wanted a garden in the front entrance of our house. But it had tiled floor and I didn't want to remove tiles. So I thought a solution: a gravel garden with short rooted plants, and all over the tiles.

Step 1: Materials

1. Composite decking board. I used two and a half 240x22 cm pieces but it would depend on the size of your garden.

2. Chicken wire. To avoid gravel leaks. You will need the same lenght as composite planks.

3. Regular gravel. To drain water. You must calculate the volumen. In my case 6x0.60x0.07=0.252 m3.

4. Sand. To fill the parts I don't want herbs growing.

5. Anti-weed mesh. To cover all the sand. In my case 6x0,60 = 3,60 m2.

6. Sheets for garden edges. To compartmentalize the garden.

7. Decorative gravel. I used White, black and red.

8. OPTIONAL. We wanted to plant a little tree so I made a planter with some composite decking board.

Step 2: Designing the Garden

You have to design how are you going to decorate yor garden.

In my case look the schemes to see how I did the first steps.

1. Prepare the "composite-chicken wire wall"

2. Fix it to the ground taking in acount that it is going to support the weight of the gravel+sand+water.

Step 3: Filling the Garden

Fill the garden first with the regular gravel and after that with sand.

After that with the edging sheets make the compartmentalization and with a plastic mace and thrust it in the sand until desired level.

Once you have it done, remove the sand from the circles where you are going to plant and fill it with humus to plant, making a hole in the anti-weed mesh.

Step 4: Decorate the Garden With the Gravel

Use the decorative gravel to fill all the gaps covering the anti-weed mesh.

You can use different thikness to make it original.

I have used three stone shaped solar led lights to givi it some light at night.

I hope you enjoy making this type of garden, and if you like it please vote for me in gardening contest.

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