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Introduction: Modern Hanging Planter

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Everyone else in my family has plants. My mom has 50 million of them, my dad has a fig, my older sister has lots of succulents, even my younger siblings have a tiny cactus and a succulent named "Sucky". I have nothing. This makes me feel sad and lonely. I need a plant. So I biked to the local grocery store and bought a plant on clearance. Haha. Take that, loneliness.

Then I was bored and was playing with one of my origami modular octahedrons. It was made of paper, and really, really unstable, so I wanted to stabilize it. One thing led to another, and I had a popsicle stick replica of my ball. It looked nice, and I had a brand new plant, so I figured why not make a planter.

The planter turned out really nice. It was very cheap (the main factor in anything I do), and it actually held the plant. Woah. Awesome. I made 2 more planters. I have nothing in them. Still.

This planter is super easy and requires few materials and easy to pick up skills. So, let's get started!

Step 1: You Will Need...

  • 36 popsicle sticks
  • Thick plastic sheeting
  • Hot glue gun (I used about 2 glue sticks while making the planter)
  • Utility knife
  • Ruler (optional but helpful)

Step 2: Triangulate!

Arrange 3 popsicle sticks on their sides in an equilateral triangle. Glue together the points. I made the triangles by applying glue to the end of the first stick, then attaching another. I then waited for the glue to dry and stabilize, and glued the other points together.

You will need 8 of these triangles.

Step 3: Glue Like an Egyptian

Balance the triangles in a giant pyramid like the one shown in the picture. Try to make it as even as possible. Glue the sides together along the center line, while trying not to hit the sides and get glue all over the place.

Make 2 of these.

Step 4: Get Together

Place the two pyramids together to make an octahedron, and glue together. Make sure the glue seal is thick enough to hold it.

Step 5: Cover

Glue another popsicle stick onto the other two. I found gluing it was easy when I applied glue to the edges of the ball and then stuck the popsicle stick on. I actually had to add this on because the glue inside looked really messy and I had to cover it up.

Step 6: Cut Plastic

Option 1

Trace the outside of a triangle using a utility knife. Cut out all 3 edges to make a triangle shape. It does not have to be perfect, only able to cover the edges of the octahedron.

Option 2

Measure your popsicle sticks and make an equilateral triangle with the measure side length.

You will need 4 triangles, no matter what method you use.

Step 7: Glue Down

Glue down the plastic to the popsicle frame. I did it by applying glue to one side and pressing the plastic into it. It gets harder as you go along This is the finish, and it won't look as nice if you aren't careful. In fact, I had to go back and cut off some parts that hung over the edges. You may need to do that too.

Step 8: Plant and Hang

This planter has no drainage. You do not want a plant that needs that. You also want a pretty small plant that can fit inside this. I don't know anything about plants, so go ask someone else.

Thank you for reading this!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 years ago

    I love the design and how it looks with the plant coming out of all the sides :)