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Introduction: Modern House (TinkerCad)

Hi there! This was a house my brother made on TinkerCad. He made this because I was teaching him how to use TinkerCad and the basics of it. Then, he got pretty good and worked on this house. It took about a week and a half for him to make it. This house is designed for looks, but I don’t know if it can be printed with all the small details. It is a two story house, with 2 bedrooms (a master and guest), a living room, a kitchen, a computer room, 3 bathrooms, and a hangout space on the second floor. It also has a pool outside, and a terrace outside. The design was based of a house from Tobi Architects, who made this house in Ukraine. I think modern houses are very interesting because of their architectural design and how they differ from regular houses built today. I think their design is more stylish, and certainly more appealing to people than regular homes. In addition to the TinkerCad design, he has also created the house in Mecabricks, which is a LEGO Online design software. The interior is not complete, but it will be soon. If you want to see that, you can find the link also in the supplies section. This is the first house my brother has made on TinkerCad, and also my first Instructable. I hope that design is appealing and that you like the design! My brother went through a lot to make this house, and many times, he had to restart because of TinkerCad glitching. I am very proud of him for that. Also, the embedded link of the house may not work because of how much details there are!


The supplies needed for this house is an electronic device (like a computer or iPad), the TinkerCad website or app, yourself, a good mindset, and your all set!!

Link to TinkerCad Model-
Link to Tobi Architects Website-
Link to Mecabricks House-

Step 1: What Kind of House Styles Do You Like?

First of all, you need to figure out what kind of houses you like. There are many types of houses, such as beach, modern, contemporary, country, Florida, mountain, and much more. Many people have different styles that they like. My brother chose to do a modern house, because of their unique style. If you are looking to find a house to base yours off of, here are some websites…


Reese Nichols:

These websites are all optional and you are not limited to just these. Just explore around the web and find the right house that fits your style. Also, it would be better if the house had photos of its interior, or even the blueprints of the house, and the floor layout. You might need to spend time on this.

Step 2: The Base

In a house the foundation is the most important part. Without a foundation, the house wouldn’t be able to support itself. It’s the same when it comes to 3D printing. Especially when 3D printing a house, it’s easiest to make a base to hold the house. The base is probably the most simple thing you will need to make. Just start out with a rectangle and stretch and resize it to the desired dimensions. That is really all. Unless you want to add details, like I did. I added a set of stairs, a pool, and some plants. The pool can be done by making a small rectangular prism, and then making it as a hole. Make sure to make a duplicate of the prism so you can fill the hole later. Then group the hole rectangular prism and the base together to make a hole. Then fill it with the duplicate rectangular prism. The same with the dirt for the plants. The plants can either be made, or used from the TinkerCad library. The stairs are self made, and then just making a hole in the prism, and then inserting the stairs in. This whole thing is a simple process, and won’t take up much time.

Step 3: The Walls, Windows, and Doors

The walls are the structure of your house and a layout for all the rooms. It is essentially the frame of the house. It is made by using rectangular prisms and then connecting them all together with the group tool. First, start out by making a layout of your house. You can either make your own, or you can find one on the Internet. Then start making the walls the same way how you want it look. Then, using the group tool, group all of the walls together to make one structure. This will make the house look better and will be easier to move and adjust. Windows are made by making a small rectangular prism and then putting smaller holes in it. Then make a hole in you wall the exact same size as the window, and then insert the window. The same is with the door, but you don’t have to make holes in it. Just add a very small cylinder for the knob. Then, you are finished with this step. This will usually take a little time, because you have to plan out the way you want your house to be laid out. Make sure to think this through, because you don’t want to put a loud noisy room next to a bedroom!

Step 4: Furniture

Furniture is what makes your home feel like home. It is essential to the house and will add more detail. If you wanted to, you could design your own furniture, if you wanted to take it a step forward. But, you could also use furniture made by people, in the library on TinkerCad. If you wanted to know some common furniture, just look at the photos, or read the the list below...


1. Couch

2. TV

3. Dining Table

4. Chairs

5. Toilet

6. Bookshelves

7. Shelving

8. Fridge

9. Oven

These are just examples, and are not mandatory. In this house, not all things were included and don’t have to be. This step is just to give your house more detail and to make the interior look interesting and “not boring...”

Step 5: The Roof/Flooring

If you have a house, you need to have something to cover over your head. So does this 3D model house. The roof can be simple or complex, according to how you want your roof to be. My brothers roof was not simple nor complex, but did consist of multiple shapes. He used multiple rectangular prisms, because of how the roof was in the original house. If you want to make a roof, there is no real instructions for that. The reason is because of how roofs vary in different houses. But, an important tip is to combine the pieces of the roof. It will look way better and will be easier to move. Most modern houses do have roofs like this one, but could be different. This step could be different for all people.

Step 6: The Outside Area

The outside area for this house includes a pool, plants, and a terrace. The instructions for the pool were mentioned in the second step. The terrace is made by having a roof, which is made using small but long rectangular prisms and putting them together to make a roof. The wall is just like any other wall, and the floor is pretty much the same as the roof. The furniture can either be custom made or could be used from the library in TinkerCad. In addition to the wall and the furniture, you can also add cabinets and also a fire. The fire I used was custom made, using a scribble. In order to make the fire pit, just use a rectangular prism and use a hole block and make a hole, so you can put the fire inside of there.

Step 7: The Last Step!!

You’ve made it this far! There isn’t much more left to do! Now the main part is to align everything up so that it looks nice, and then combining everything. Warning! Never combine everything at once! The video above shows what happens when you combine everything at the same time. It does not work out well. But, after you do that step, you are pretty much finished. Make sure that you have included everything in your house, and that you didn’t forget to add some small details. After this, you are complete! This process took about a week for my brother. Hope you liked the design and comment below the links to your own creations!

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